Where would you expect Wyoming's loneliest campsite to be?

If you're thinking, on top of a mountain somewhere, you might be right.

But what about one of the 3 corners area of Wyoming?

Not the 4 corners area of the USA. There is only one of those.

Wyoming has 3 places where it has 3 corners with two other states.

This area, seen on the map below, is a great camping spot, especially if you want to get as far away from people as you can.

attachment-Wyoming 3 corners area

There is even a little marker in the area showing where the three states meet.

Noting exciting about this marker.

You might miss it if you didn't know what you were looking for.

This place is not a tourist mecca like the 4 corners area.

Folks love to straddle the 4 corners market and be in 4 states at once.

You won't see anyone out here doing that with this marker.

I mean, just look at it. Kinda boring, isn't it?

attachment-Wyoming 3 corners area 2

Despite being way out in a desert area, there are some amazing sites to explore, as you'll see in the video, below.

You'll find petroglyphs, mountains to climb and drive up, and about 10,500 square miles of open land with nobody out there.

There is even an area with blowing sand dunes, and yes you can dirt bike it or take your 4-wheeler for a spin.

You can rent SAND BOARDS from nearby Rock Springs and slide the hills.

Plenty of BLM land to camp on for free.

This spot is featured in the YouTube video title:

The 10,500 Square Miles That No One Talks About! (SUV Camping/Vanlife Adventures).

The host of our video is Tristan.

He travels and camps in his SUVs, a 2011 Toyota RAV4 and a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser.

He's based in SW Wyoming.

His travels mostly revolve around exploring the mountains and deserts of the western US.

He writes a blog about SUV RVing over at http://suvrving.com.

He has written a book all about SUV RVing.

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