How many times have you driven down an interstate and wondered what it was like for our ancestors who had to make similar trips by wagon or on foot?

Now you can experience some of what they felt like with the help of a Wyoming AirBnB.

For $95.00 a night you can rent a Highline Camp/Sheepwagon, which kinda sounds like an RV, but it is really a restored wagon on a beautiful sliver of land out by a lake and under the stars.

You won't have it quite as tough as our ancestors, to be fair. They walked many miles every day in the hot sun, blowing wind, rain, and everything else nature could throw at them. They did not have showers, or coolers filled with easy to cook food, or toilets.

This AirBnB provides at least a little of that. You get to drive there on smooth roads in your air conditioned car, and with the option of going indoors and having a shower. The sheep wagon has no electric lights - that is about as bad as it gets.

"Restored sheep wagon w/ outhouse." says the AirBnB site. "Working ranch w/ trout fishing & paddle boat available for guest use. Beautiful view, quiet, private."

"Located 15 min from Saratoga, where there are free mineral hot springs & showers."

By our modern standards we call this roughing it. Our ancestors would have called this living high on the hog.

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