Buzz started on the internet that Mr. Potato Head was going "gender-neutral" as the toy company attempted to reflect changing social standards.

People are mad as hell at the toy company. "We have let this ridiculous and annoying Woke Culture go to far," people are screaming.

It must be true, I mean, after all.... we heard it on the internet!

FACT CHECK! What you are reading is NOT TRUE, and in some cases simply not the full story. So, chill- RELAX!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato head are still, Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. 

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The toy company, Hasbro, has decide to call the big toy package simply, Potato Head. The names of the individual characters have not and will not change.

In the past when people purchased the big box toy it was called Mr. Potato head, even though the toy could be taken apart and dressed up as hundreds of different characters, both male and female. Since that is the case it seem logical to just name the toy kit, simply, Potato head, and then let the child assemble and name the characters they create any way they want.

If a child decides to use the mustache over the mouth that is still Mr. Potato head. 

There are many different versions of this toy today. The full size model and many variations of the smaller models. When purchasing the toy buyers can still pick out the individual potato head character they want, be it male or female. There is a cowboy and a cowgirl, for example. Or they can buy the big box kit, which you can see featured in the video above, and make any character desired while choosing a gender along the way.

All is good with the world. Now, finish your dinner and quit playing with your mashed potatoes.

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