Sometimes a funny video is created just because somebody thought of something funny.

But then, later, that joke becomes reality when somebody else realizes that maybe that joke was a good idea after all.

In the video below you'll see what was considered comedy a few years ago. LET'S PUT VR GOGGLES ON COW! So they will produce more milk.

Then, it happened for real.

holstein cow against a blue sky

Then I found a story in the METRO about a farmer who realized that, in fact, cows don't like being cooped up inside attached to a milking machine. That could mean that, if they are sad, they will produce less milk.

Izzet Kocak, from Turkey, may or may not have seen the comedy video below. But he is now using the same idea for the same reasons.

Kocak says the idea is actually paying off. The cows are producing more milk when they wear VR goggles, allowing them to watch videos of things that make them happy while they are being milked.

First, let's watch the video of the actual VR goggle milking operation at work.

This farmer said that, originally, he tried things like classical music to destress his cows while they were milking. Nothing that he could think of worked. They wanted to be outside.

Since cow's heads are so big the goggles had to be refitted so it was one VR goggle per eye. We humans only need one for our entire head.

To make the imagery work, IT specialists needed to tweak the color palette. Believe it or not, cows can’t see red or green. They only see dull shades of yellow and blue.

Here is the joke video that came first and later became reality.

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