The latest in alternative food experiments is lab-grown chicken meat.

Not the chicken. Just the meat.

It was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Created by a California startup this meat is now considered safe for human consumption.

Any takers?

Emeryville-based UPSIDE Foods is trying to sell its lab-grown chicken as a "slaughter-free alternative" and more environmentally friendly.

Critics point out that this and other artificial meats, it turns out to be not as good for you and not as good for the environment as the real thing.

Woman at breakfast table with chicken
Adrian Samson, Thinkstock

We're making meat a new way. Cultivating it directly from animal cells to satisfy our cravings, our conscience, and our heart. (UPSIDE Foods).

It turns out that artificial meat is more expensive than the real thing once they get to the store.

A headline in the publication Money Wise reads:

Fake meat sales are now plunging because of high prices and being too 'woke' for consumers. (Money Wise).

Bloomberg Business News reports:

Beyond Meat Slumps After Sales Outlook Misses Estimates. (Bloomberg).

Some Experts Say US Could Face Meat Shortages Within Weeks
Drew Angerer, Getty Images

Both stories go on to show an initial curiosity from the public when these meats first came out.

There was a lot of publicity around these new products. So people naturally tried them to see what all the fuss was about.

But after sampling the product people went back to doing what they were doing before. Eating real meat.

The cost was too high and the ingredients were complex and debatable as to health benefits. Then word got out that these meats were also found to not be better for the environment.

Go to your grocery store today and you'll see a very small section for artificial meats. The new "fake meat" did not take over like the creators were predicting.

The Vegan food section of your grocery store looks much the same.

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