Wyoming has more guns per capita than any other state.

Heck, some people in this state own 50-caliber sniper rifles and armored vehicles.

HECK - in Wyoming, you can buy a used nuclear missile silo to live in.

So what do you get for the well-armed people in Wyoming who already have everything?

How about a flame-throwing robot dog?

Bet you never saw that coming.

For just $9,420 right here on the Throwflame's website, it can be yours.

Thermonator is the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog. This quadruped is coupled with the ARC Flamethrower to deliver on-demand fire anywhere!

Just add gasoline.

Watch a demo in the video below.

This puppy, literally a robot puppy, throws flames up to 30 feet!!

If you're protecting your home it's a good idea to have a big, scary dog.

Better yet to have a big, scary, robot dog with a flamethrower on its back.

You know you want one.

The Thermonator can be remotely operated by wifi or Bluetooth. So you can sit inside and attack your enemies from the comfort of your EZ chair while laughing and eating popcorn.

This robot dog avoids obstacles by leaping through the air.

It even has badass-looking laser sights. - yeah, that's right.

attachment-Flame Throwing Lazer eyed robot dog 2

This just keeps getting better.

Throwflame suggests also using it to clear snow and ice from your driveway.

Kill varments and have the robot dog bring them inside for dinner, pre-cooked.

I was a little dishonest with the title of this story. Nobody in Wyoming has purchased one yet.

So let's get busy folks. This state needs these things.

If anyone asks you why you would need something like this, just tell them...




Honestly, you don't need any more reason than that.

We can go on and assume that some folks down in Colorado won't understand

But we can also be assured that once the rest of the world finds out that the people of Wyoming have more guns per capita than any other state (and are now buying up all the flame-throwing laser-eyed robot dogs they can get their hands on) we will be a very safe place to live.

You can make a long list of bad people who will be afraid to come here.

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