A cabin in Wyoming? Sure, that sounds great.

What about A CASTLE?

Located on a Wyoming hilltop and complete with towers, tunnels... hold on, tunnels too?

This castle has a panoramic view and can be yours for a mere $14 million.

“It’s a bit of a local landmark,” said listing agent Patty Speakman of Compass. “I think everyone who lives here knows about it.” (Mansion Global).

This Wyoming castle was built in 1992 on a 40-acre lot in Bedford, Wyoming which is on the western edge of the state near the Idaho border.

He “always had a dream, he wanted a castle and that’s what he created,” said Speakman, who brought the home to the market earlier this week with Rusty Kunkle of Keller Williams Jackson Hole. (Mansion Global).


This castle has five bedrooms.

Two towers to shoot arrows at invaders.

There are huge pillars and columns, and tunnels that run from the house to other parts of the property. Those tunnels sound really cool, especially in the winter months

It's big, as all castles are, spanning 9,500 square feet. I'm sure you can find something to do with all of that room.

You'll love the huge living spaces and lofty cathedral ceilings.

The castle features mostly stone floors, grand fireplaces, and spiral staircases.

If you're thinking a place like this needs hidden rooms- well, it's got them.

attachment-Bedord Wyoming Castle YouTube 2

Unlike castles of old, this place is not dark. It lets a lot of light in and you'll love the views.

There are plenty of terraces and decks to enjoy the view and fresh air.

Don't worry about neighbors.

“It’s such a beautiful setting sitting up on that hilltop, so quiet and beautiful,” Speakman said, adding that there’s “total seclusion.” (Mansion Global).

This grand place is fortified against a zombie apocalypse. A brick wall encircles the grounds, along with lush trees, ponds, and a workshop—which can be reached via one of those tunnels.

If you can afford all of this then you'll need a helipad. That's on top.

The buyer is “going to be someone who’s looking for privacy,” Speakman said. “Maybe someone looking for something a bit unique, a bit different. Maybe someone who also has a passion for castles.  (Mansion Global).

Follow this link for photos of the inside and out.

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