So the Earth is FLAT - is it?

So says The Flat Earth Society.

Well, then why isn't the state of Wyoming perfectly square?

Wyoming is not a perfect square. Its border is shorter at the top than at the bottom. The east and west sides of the state curve toward the top.

This is called The Wyoming Question.

The Wyoming Question was posed by a skeptic in an online chat group several years ago.

The state of Wyoming is bounded by four straight lines: parallel 41°N along the southern border, parallel 45°N along the northern border, meridian 104°3'W along the eastern border and meridian 111°3'W along the western border.


The four corners are all right-angles, so the state should be a perfect rectangle. The eastern and western borders are each 276 miles long, as would be expected. If the earth is flat, why is Wyoming's southern border 365 miles long, while the northern border is only 342 miles long?

This causes Flat Earthers to scramble to come up with anything they can think of to answer the question. Since these people are not thinkers, their answers are hysterical.

That's where the conspiracy comes in! Wherever you have got your data from, they've obviously lied about the shape and size of this "Wyoming", if it even exists.

Have a look at a map of Wyoming and you'll see what we're talking about. You can use this link on Google.

But if that's not convincing for you then go up to the top of the state and measure it for yourself.

There are not many Flat Earthers out there. It is fun picking on them with basic thinking.

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