You can visit Wyoming to try and get a feel for what it is to live out there, or, you can spend a little time living the Wyoming way.

The ability to do that started a long time ago with the first Wyoming Dude Ranch.

Dude Ranch
(in the western US) a cattle ranch converted to a vacation resort for tourists. (Webster's).

Spending time on a Wyoming Dude Ranch does not mean missing out on the rest of the state.

Most Dude Ranches provide trips to famous places and sites.

Many Wyoming Dude Ranch vacations include excursions into Yellowstone and the Tetons.

So what kind of experience did you want?

Wyoming Dude Ranches may be rustic or luxurious.

You and your friends and family can ride all day and herd cattle.

But maybe you want to see the cattle off in the distance as you soak in a hot tub and enjoy a massage.

Do you want to work the ranch, like a real ranch hand, or do you want to go fishing?

Maybe river rafting and hiking, or lounging on a porch with a book.

Dude ranches are all over Wyoming.

Prices vary a lot depending on where the ranch is and what you want to do when you get there.

Here are just a few locations and types of ranches, depending on your desires.

Near the Tetons.
Guest Capacity: 40
Open: June - October

Wolf Wyoming
Bighorn Mountains.
Guest Capacity: 125
Open: June - September

Laramie Wyoming
Guest Capacity: 30
Open: Year Round

Encampment Wyoming
Guest Capacity: 110
Open: June - September

There are more.

Visit the Dude Ranches In Wyoming website to find locations and activities.

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