Got a ghost in your Wyoming business or residence?

Who Ya Gonna CALL?

Sheridan Paranormal Research in Wyoming might just be able to help.

A note on the front page of their website reads:

S.P.R. Is Here To Help
S.P.R. is a team dedicated to seek out what goes bump in the night by scientific research, observation, and hard proof. We use various kinds of equipment and draw upon the vast knowledge of other paranormal groups.
S.P.R. supports para-unity.

Their mission is simple:

To help others through practical investigation, and common sense.


They intend to uncover what is in the darkness and point the client in the right direction to obtaining help for their needs.

Vision statement:
1) spr seeks para-unity of all paranormal researchers and investigators. Working together toward the same goal....hard proof evidence.
2) To inspire others in their quest.
3) to help point people in the right direction in their search for knowledge of the paranormal..
4) to alleviate fear and anxiety through instruction and hands on investigation with the SPR team.

I can actually say that I've seen these people at work when I spent the night with them, a few years back, at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo Wyoming.

You can watch what happened that night in the video below.

They have all the latest gadgets and gear for detecting SPOOKS!

They research every property to get all the stories to find out what, if not WHO, is going BUMP in the night.

“We encourage people not to be scared. You cannot always trust goosebumps and feelings. hard proof is what S.P.R. is after. Our main objective is to help people, to help them find a path to helping themselves.” Starr Lyles Founder of S.P.R.

See what they have been up to on their Facebook page.

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