Here's some good news for those grumbling about the shortage and price of ammunition.

The Sheridan County Commission has approved a lease for a new ammunition manufacturing company to build a facility on lands in the Sheridan Airport Business Park. (Sheridan Media).

Absaroka Valley Ammunition, LLC will lease Lot LA-9 in Block 1 of the business park, where they will set up a startup business that will manufacture, assemble, and sell small arms ammunition.

If you go to the website for Absaroka Valley Ammunition, you will see "Coming Soon," and not much else on the page.

Chris Tennant

It's a work in progress. But the one-page website already says "Exceeding Your Expectations." I guess that's a promise.

The company plans to employ about 20 people in the start-up phase and plans to hire more as needed.

Sheridan Wyoming has done well at attracting gun manufacturers. Weatherby Inc. moved there a few years ago after they were essentially run out of California.

Several other gun companies and companies that produce gun accessories have moved to Wyoming in recent years, including Magpul, a gun accessory company.

Kel-Tec CNC Industries is expanding its production capacity right here in Wyoming.

That's perfect because what these folks produce some other state are flat out scared of.

There will be a 33,000-square-foot facility in Rock Springs, WY, and a 125,000-square-foot industrial space in Cocoa, FL.

You can read more about Kel-Tec and the unique guns they produce in a story we just posted at this link.

Wyoming is one of the most gun-friendly states in America, with more guns being owned, per capita than any other state, yet one of the lowest levels of gun violence in America.

Shooting Black Powder In Wyoming

Wyoming Has Polish MiGs for Ukraine

Not long after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the was talk of Poland giving Ukraine some of their MiG fighter planes.

Poland is now part of NATO. So they were willing to part with the older Russian planes for newer and more hi-tech Western planes.

For several reasons, the deal fell through. Ukraine will not get the planes.

HEY Ukraine!
If you're still interested, Wyoming has a few old Polish MiGs we would be happy to give you.

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