I know, it's not what some of you want to hear. Those UFO shows on cable TV are not going to like this either.

A new U.S. intelligence report shows there is no evidence that unidentified aerial craft observed by Navy aviators in recent years were alien spacecraft.

At the same time, they admitted they still have no idea what they are looking at. That is the part of the report that those UFO TV shows will love.

According to the report, the military can see that there are objects that have been captured on video and that those objects are not other U.S. military aircraft. That much they do know.

This leaves the question open as to if it is rival military testing some new sort of drone. That's one possibility.

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What the military is really saying is, since we don't know what it is, we are not going to speculate.

But the video, below shows a few other possibilities. 

There are a few rational people out there that have actually studied the videos released by the military and have come up with some very rational explanations as to what we are looking at.

Basically, it is all a matter of perspective. A video shot at an odd angle with a camera on a fighter jet that is trying to gimble around to track the object can make the object look like it is doing something that it is not.

Using a scientific approach, and some engineering to demonstrate, they show that, while we still don't know where these aircraft in the video originate from, they are not maneuvering in an unusual way.

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