Sometimes it's the simple joys in life that you learn to appreciate the most. That's probably why I've found a peculiar joy watching an elk herd frolicking in a pond in Wapiti, Wyoming.

As you deal with the pressures of 2020, look at how happy these elk are with just pond in front of them.

Here's what the lady who captured the video had to say about this moment:

My husband is a nature photographer and was all set up with his tripod and fancy digital camera when he realized the battery was dead! It was a rookie mistake. We enjoyed watching the elk play in the pond on the beautiful, unseasonably warm November afternoon anyway. I am glad I was able to capture their joy on my phone. It was quite a sight to see.

If you're new to Wyoming, Wapiti is along the way as you head toward Yellowstone from Casper.

Google Earth Satellite View

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of "frolic" says...

to amuse oneself make play and run about happily (aka "romp")

I think that we should all find a way to be as happy as these elk are in the pond. Forget about the complicated issues of this year for a moment and find a place to "frolic" or "romp". Your choice.

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