We've either all done it - or know too many people who have. Names like Casper or Sheridan or Cody are easy; but Wapiti or Vedauwoo? What are those supposed to be? It doesn't matter how easy or difficult the name technically is though, we all have to keep to our duty of incessantly berating anyone that mispronounces a local place. Because just what kind of Wyomingite are you otherwise?

Personally, no matter how many times I hear and say the name, my reflex for pronouncing Wapiti is always "Wah-pee-tee" and it's going to haunt me forever. Most of us grew up hearing enough jokes about Dubois to be unaffected by its pronunciation when we hit adulthood. Togwotee is a whole 'nother thing entirely, and honestly I think I managed to unintentionally avoid hearing it pronounced until the past year or two.

After asking around a little during Glenn's show, and a couple Facebook notes to follow, I've compiled a list of the most commonly and grossly mispronounced places in Wyoming. If you have something else that stands out to you - please send them our way, we never tire of hearing more absurdities.

Runner-ups to the images below are: Rawlins (apparently "newbies like to call it Rawlings"), Kaycee (not sure how you mess that one up but okay..), and Arvada (also pretty basic I would think, but who knows).

I hope this list, which will be updated as needed, can serve to educate Wyoming visitors and plenty of unaware locals too.

Most Commonly Mispronounced Places in Wyoming

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