It almost looks like something out of the television show, American Horror Story. The Queen Anne Style building houses tragic stories as well as ghostly apparitions in an absolutely charming abode. Are you brave enough to stay the night in the Ferris Mansion Bed & Breakfast?

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The Ferris Mansion is considered one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the Cowboy State, having been built between 1899 and 1903. Unfortunately, the man who began it's construction, George Ferris, didn't live to see it's completion. After an accident at the copper mine Ferris owned in 1900, he was killed from being thrown from a runaway carriage.

Continuing the tragedy in the home, the Ferris family's youngest son, Cecil, passed away in the home. The young Ferris boy was killed by his own older brother when a gun he'd been playing with went off unexpectedly. Julia Harris lived in the home until her death in 1931.

After that, the building was converted into apartments in the 1940s, and those living in the home reported paranormal activity, even back then. Many families tried to occupy the home, and reported strange poltergeist behavior and many full-bodied apparitions. When it became a Bed and Breakfast in 1986, those reports didn't cease, they became a draw.

Unexplained noises are frequent in the antique home, as are many apparitions, including Cecil Ferris, a few male apparitions, and one who just might be Julia Ferris, though it's said the latter ghost is usually more occupied with household chores and domestic tasks.

Paranormal Hunting and Observation Group (PHOG) has investigated the Ferris Mansion on two different occasions, and captured a compelling apparition photograph, visible on their research page.

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