The video above will show you just the right method to make it gory, but not messy.

The problem is in making a pie that will not bubble its guts all over your oven. You want a little gore and splatter but you don't want all the insides on the bottom and up the sides of the stove, baked in, leaving you a god-awful mess to clean up.

The first time I saw one of these, I laughed in delight. Ideas like these make Halloween what it should be - creepy, spooky fun. It's a time to laugh at what scares us.

The best part of this project is finding out how it will look after the baking is done. Come to think of it, watching it bake and bubble up may be a lot of creepy fun too.

The first creepy face pies were made by an artist, but the face was not edible. What's the fun in that? People see weird, disgusting, horrifying food, they want to try it.

After the artist's pictures hit the internet, people began to experiment with making something that could be eaten.

The video below shows the original artist creation that began the trend.

The cover photo for this story was a pie made by Tim Mandese, an artist who currently lives in Casper Wyoming.

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