Cemeteries are already creepy on their own. Especially a beautiful expanse of nearly 6,000 graves at the highest point of Gillette, Mount Pisgah Cemetery has graves dating back to the 1870s and is still in operation today. However, mourners and those remembering loved ones might not be the only visitors to the cemetery, especially late at night.


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Located in the heart of Gillette, Mount Pisgah Cemetery is 57 acres, includes several cremation gardens, and towering trees all over the grounds. Due to the heavy coal industry in the region, it even includes memorials and statues to coal miners lost in the area.

But after dark, the beautiful sprawling grounds take on an eerie appearance, with strange sights that might catch one off-guard. One prevalent story tells of a ghostly, transparent jogger that can be seen running through the grounds every single night, only to disappear once they get close to the observer, or the sun sets in the distance.

Another ghostly appearance is that of a woman in a long white dress, who appears to be a mourner. The woman lacks a face, and when you see her, she turns towards you as if to look at you with eyes she doesn't possess, and then disappears into the mist. Other shadowy figures can be seen standing or kneeling next to graves, especially in the older part of the cemetery.

A place of remembrance, memorial, and possibly, hauntings in the Energy City of Wyoming.

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