You can sit in the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse and sit in the same room that Butch Cassidy once drank his whiskey. You can also hear ghostly voices from beyond the grave asking for a medium-rare steak. Today on Haunted 307, we explore the reportedly haunted 120 year old saloon.

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The Cowboy Bar has been continuously in operation since 1893, when the clientele primarily consisted of outlaws, cattle hands, and miners from nearby cities that are now considered mining ghost towns. During prohibition, the bar simply removed the signs for whiskey, and had the spirits delivered in milk barrels instead.

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Meeteetse was a haven and oasis for lawbreakers and lawmen alike. Shoot-outs in front of the historic saloon have occurred for most of its history, including the most recent being in 1939 when a young man from Cody fled law enforcement after poaching elk out of season.

Today the Cowboy Bar includes a cafe, and those who step into the historic bar may feel like stepping into a time machine. For decades, the bar has been rumored to still have restless spirits from the days it served as a hide-out and celebration saloon for outlaws.

Regulars have reported seeing full glasses of liquor fall from the bar without any outside influence, and land on the ground without any spillage. Employees have heard orders for steak being called out in the room, even when no one is dining in the cafe, and disembodied footsteps and banging noises are reported frequently. 

If you stop to whet your whistle at the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse, you just might hear the ghosts from its storied past, just asking for something to eat or drink.

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