Yesterday I gave you a list of roadkill cookbooks, to go along with Wyoming's new law making it legal to scrape and grill what traffic just killed.

How about some music to listen to while you cook? I have the perfect song for you below.

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The song is called 'The Roadkill Cafe'. Just in case you are wondering, there are several restaurants around the Untied States that have that name. I'm not sure how many of them actually serve road kill.

I found this song when, some years ago, I did a morning radio show called 'Breakfast At The Roadkill Cafe'. This is the song that went with the show.

Eating roadkill is something we love to laugh about and make faces ay like we are going to be sick. But if it's a fresh kill, what's the problem? If you just saw a rabbit get bounced into the bushes by a big truck, why not? That is as fresh as they come.

While I'm on a roll here, I keep imagining a pickup hitting a deer. The deer flips over the cab and lands in the bed. The driver think about it for a split second and decides to keep driving. No need to stop at the grocery store. What a lucky day.


8 Roadkill Cookbooks

Now that it is legal to scrape and cook roadkill in Wyoming, you'll need to know how to cook that.

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