Welcome to LEAP DAY!

February 29, 2024.

This extra day is added to your life once every 4 years.

Wouldn't you know it, somebody had to go and write some leap day jokes.

WARNING: Some of these jokes are really bad.

Okay, most of them are.

I've been trying to figure out why 2024 will be longer than 2023…
But so far, nothing leaps to mind.

Thankfully, you only need to hear bad Leap Year jokes once every 4 years.

Since a Leap Year has 366 days then is a year with 365 days a light year?

Why did the man get arrested on Leap Day?
Because he was doing 29 in a 28 zone.
WOW, that joke was HORRIBLE. I'm sorry.

Is a frog born on February 29th a "LEAP FROG?"

Don't jump to conclusions on Leap Day.

Yo mama so old, she lived through the first leap year.
OKAY- That's a good joke. FINALLY!

Leap Day is the perfect day to listen to Hip Hop.

Guys, get married on February 29th, so you only have to remember your anniversary once every 4 years.

Make an appointment with a friend for next February 29th and see if either of you remember it. I bet you forget.

There, now you have some jokes for today.

A couple of them might actually be good.

The rest you should only tell to those friends of yours who like bad jokes.

This article will be reposted in 4 years if we can remember that we have it (which we probably won't).

Aren't you glad we only tell you bad jokes once every 4 years?

Outstanding Graffiti Train Passes Through Wyoming

We all see the graffiti on trains that pass through Wyoming.

But have you ever paused just a moment to look at it?

A lot is garbage.

But some of this still can be considered art.

Even great art.

Other times it's just an interesting message.

Grifiti art exhibit on wheels passing through America pauses in Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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