Everyone has a video camera in their pocket today. That's how we get these amazing scenes of a jet engine ripping apart and falling debris over Broomfield near Denver, Colorado.

With these videos from folks who posted on YouTube, you'll be able to see the point of view of the frightened passengers as well as the astonished and concerned people on the ground.

First, let's hear the call from the pilot to air traffic that was made as soon as the pilot noticed a problem.

Here is the best seat in the house, if there is such a thing. A passenger window. Imagine being on a flight to Hawaii and seeing this.

I love flying. I know it is the safest way to travel on the planet. Still, stuff happens even in the safest industry.

This passenger, who had a perfect view, was calm enough to get a steady shot with his phone.

This passenger did not have the best point of view. It is the shot over the wing where we can see smoke and debris fluttering over and away.

This shot is of little chunks fluttering down. Most of what you will see in this video is the metal casing that surrounds the engine. This is much better than a big chunk rocketing down on the people below.

Finally, here is how all of this was reported by CNN. You'll see shots of a couple of large chunks in somebody's front yard. 

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