The first audio clip we shared with you was of the pilots Mayday call. This video, above, is a moment by moment breakdown, with audio, of what happened in the cockpit.

From what is known so far it seems that one of the fan blades broke off due to metal fatigue. Watching the video gives us some idea of the damage done, but there is lot more to explore.

The first Mayday call the pilot did not seem shaken up but maybe a bit confused as to what the problem was.

But as the pilot continues to talk with air traffic his voice remains calm as he and the copilot go through the procedures that they have practiced hundreds of times over in the simulator.

From the men in the cockpit, to the crew on the airplane, and air traffic controllers, everybody was so well practiced for just such an event and they spoke so calmly it almost seems like this was just another simulation and not the real thing.

Later the passengers were heard complementing the flight crew for how professionally they handled everything as they got nervous flyers all buckled up and ready for what could be an emergency landing.

You hear the passengers applauded as the pilot brings the plane down for what is called "a greaser." That means a landing so smooth the passengers almost did not feel it.

Enjoy the above video explanation and audio of what happened and here is a salute to the people who fly us all around the nation. They are so good at what they do we often don't even know when there is a problem.

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