When the leaves start to change colors, you know fall is here. Cooler temperatures, fall flavors and some of the BEST views in the world are in Wyoming. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! The temperatures start to fall, the air turns crisp, football is on the TV, chili slow cooking and taking drives to see the incredible picture perfect scenery.

As a kid, my family would always take drives to take in the changing of the seasons. When I moved to Wyoming this summer and started driving around looking at the immaculate scenery, I couldn't wait until fall got here so I could would be able to take fall road trips to see the state had to offer.

The entire process of the changing of colors has always fascinated me, the Science of it is great. (Wish I would've enjoyed science in school as much as I do now). The change in the length of daylight and temperatures cause the leaves on trees to stop making food and the green color starts to give way to other colors like orange, yellow and brown (depending on the tree). As the colors start to pop, the stem of the leaf is making a layer of cells that is slowing severing the seal between the branch and the leaf. Eventually the leaf is fully separated from the tree and the wind will blow it away.

If you have time in the next couple weeks to load the family into the car and head to look at the change, I would encourage you to do it and make those memories and all it costs is the price of fuel. Travel Wyoming has some great suggestions of drives to take.

We asked you what your favorite places to view the fall colors was. Here are a few popular answers.

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