The stories usually begin the same way, "I came for Cheyenne Frontier Days and it was the last room in town."

These are the most hilarious reviews of cheap motels in Wyoming's capital city.

Jim from Chandler, AZ

"I think the mattress was the one my Dad threw away when I was 8 years old...I found a condom wrapper under the microwave...The amount of mold growing in the shower looks like a science experiment I had in the 6th grade...My feet itched for a week after I took a shower here."

M.C. from Berkeley, CA

"I have stayed in Hong Kong hostels before and they feel slightly safer. My traveling companions were not so sure we'd wake up alive. Even the dog started whimpering."

Johnny M from Arvada, CO

"This seems like the hotel from the horror movies where people go to get killed."

Peter from Vancouver

"It felt like sleeping at that grandma's house where everything smells funny and is kind of dirty."

Forest from Rock Springs

"The stains on the ceiling look to be post-modern artwork if you drink enough."

Monsieur from Portland

"Ride the time machine back to 1965!"

Edwin Orange County, CA

"They actually MAILED ME my confirmation receipt.  I don't think they know what the internet is."

Brian from Spokane WA

"The power in the room went out when we turned on the microwave"

Now, for the most disgusting reviews:

Donna from Tustin, CA

"The toilet broke, so we had to use the bathtub. I know it's gross, but we had no choice."

Jess K from Littleton, CO

"The toilet doesn't have a seat, but it does have a stool."

Justin from Provo, UT

"There is a large pile of chicken bones underneath the bed."

Rob from Cheyenne

"This place is one step above sleeping on the street."