Who needs a job? Why not just sit around and chill all day - man?

Shower? Like, you know, soap is just a product that big corporations have duped the masses into enslavement with through the all-mighty dollar and capitalism.

By the way, what day of the week is it?

Sound familiar? Hippies have been trying to sell us those lines since the 60s. 

Finally, here comes the coronavirus, and we are all forced to stay at home, not work, and just chill. During that time our hair has grown longer and we have sort of given up on the personal hygiene thing.

Every so often we might check our bank account to see if our "free" government check has arrived.

For those stuck at home, how many of you forgot what day of the week it was, more than once?

You see my point? Like it or not, we are all becoming hippies.

See you at Burning Man.


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