This morning I came across an article from The Powell Tribune with the headline "Game and Fish moves to essential employees only."

Hold on. You mean to tell me that Wyoming Game and Fish has had employees that were NOT essential?

Before the economic shutdown, Wyoming's state and local governments were struggling with a slower revenue stream as the energy industries shrank. Ironically, and laughably, the state spent millions on an "efficiency study." The study did show them how to be more efficient. But it would have been more efficient for state agencies and employees to have just been more responsible and accountable, rather than spending millions to tell them to be so.

After the economic shutdown there was a period of denial as state agencies seemed unable to fathom the idea that they were no longer going to get most of the money they were used to receiving. Few cutbacks were actually made.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon recently announced another $500 million in budget cuts.

Finally, we have reached the point where these agencies are talking about closing offices and laying off employees in a serious manner.

When I hear an agency say that they are cutting back to all but "essential employees," I think, 'I've been working in the private sector all my life and that is all we have ever had.'

Just who do they have at these government offices, on the payroll, that are "nonessential"? You should have let them go a long time ago.

Wyoming governments, from city on up to state, are finally facing the realities that the average business owner must face every day. It's about time.

When our economy finally rebounds, and it will, we must remember to keep government as small as it will be after all of these cutbacks. Essential employees only.

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