Smoking can certainly take its toll on any individual. Not only are there several harmful effects to one's health from it, but it can also be quite costly from a financial standpoint. In some states, more than others. So how much does it cost to be a smoker in Wyoming?

Considering there are an estimated 34.2 million tobacco users throughout the country, WalletHub recently did some digging inside the numbers to find out what the cost is for smoking in each state. Beyond that, they broke it down to how much someone might spend due to being a smoker throughout their lifetime. The financial costs include cigarette purchases per day, healthcare costs, and income losses due to other costs from smoking like secondhand smoke.

As it turns out, Wyoming is one of the least costly states for smokers. Overall, they rank as the 13th least costly state for smokers. However, the numbers within those rankings are quite staggering. For their total cost per smoker (during a lifetime), WalletHub took the total sum of out-of-pocket cost, financial opportunity cost, health care cost per smoker, and income loss per smoker. That total cost per smoker in Wyoming total came out to $1,868,595. That is a crazy number and it was the 13th smallest amount for any state on the list. To put that in perspective, Massachusetts, which has the highest total cost per smoker for any state during their lifetime, had a total of $3,171,757.

Perhaps that sounds pretty unbelievable given the high costs of that state and ours. However, you can take a look at the numbers yourself by checking out the charts at this link that shows the costs for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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