Many have said that "deals get done of the golf course!" As a matter of fact, a New York based research firm released a survey in mid 1993 saying that 93% of executives surveyed said playing golf was a good way to have a closer relationship with a business associate and more than 1/3 said their biggest deals were made on golf courses.

Now that the day's are shorter, the cold wind has picked up and the temps are dropping. The part of Wyoming I haven't been looking forward to is coming...Golfbernation (Golf Hibernation)! The area golf courses will be closing down for the winter and what in the world am I going to do with myself? The fantastic summers here in the Cowboy State allowed me to head out to the golf course more than I ever have before. I will admit that I didn't make any big deals or play very good golf, but I did make some good pals here through golf.

Golf Buddies
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media
Golf Buds
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Now that the golf courses are going to bed for the next couple months, what kind of things can I get into?

I did some extensive question asking of Casper locals and now have a few options.

Indoor Golf - This option seems like one that will be able to let me keep my horrible swing, chipping and putting skills in tact for when the courses thaw out. Casper Indoor Golf and The Sand Trap are options for those of us that complain of achy backs and bad slices.

Bowling - I've never been a good bowler, never have I owned a bowling ball or bowling shoes (the thought of rental bowling shoes gives me the creeps). There are multiple bowling alleys and multiple bowling leagues. 307 Sunrise and El Mark o Lanes have options. Asking around the Casper Municipal Golf Course many said that when the Golfbernation set it, the bowling alley is where they called home.

Pool Leagues - I've hung around pool halls and bars quite a bit in my day, but I was never that good at pool. Luckily there are many options in town for me to practice.

Dart Leagues - Indoor, many options around Casper and the surrounding areas to get involved.

Indoor Cornhole - Who knew that even America's favorite tailgate game Cornhole has options indoor. Oil City Beer Company has options for leagues and tournaments.

I feel really confident that I'll be able to stay busy and enjoy the Golfbernation of the Wyoming winter and I look forward to the warm, green, Antelope filled golf season of 2022.

Casper Muni
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

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