This has been a strange, good year for weather in the Western states.

Have you ever seen it this green this late into the year?

Reservoirs, rivers, and stock ponds are full.

Very few hot days.

So, what does that mean for this coming fall and winter?

Some advance predictions have been made, based on weather trends, and Don Day of Day Weather breaks it down for us in the video, below.

The video is almost a half-hour long. There are many factors that play into what makes the weather. It's never just one or two things. Don goes into a lot of detail in this video.

I'll give you a basic overview below.

DISCLAIMER: Weather predictions are based on historical trends. What you have here is what meteorologists think might happen based on what usually happens under these conditions. 

As Don Day likes to say, "Models are tools, not reality."

Science is never settled. There is no such thing as a "consensus."

Meteorologists and climatologists are not all in agreement on any type of weather forecasting.

Just keep that in mind.


We could have an early autumn including early frost and freeze.

We might just see an active winter season all across North America and Canada.

Last winter most inclemate weather was focused in the Western states.

But this year, more of that winter weather should spread across the entire continent.

Expect more snow and rain for this winter, across the land.

Most of the nation could be colder than average this winter, but that does not mean bitter cold.

Expect snow in the western mountains, but not as much as last year.

attachment-Don Day winter forecast

A hard winter, sure.

A severe winter? Not really. But maybe a bad storm or two.

If you would like to hear the details of how these weather predictions are made, Don Day lays it all out in his video above.

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