From all over America helping is rushing to those in need in Kentucky and the other states hit by devastating tornadoes.

The best way to help from home is just to send cash to the charity of your choice and let them get what they need.

Many of these organizations are experts and experienced in exactly what needs to be done and how.

Here are some ways to help

How to avoid charity scams

Scams in the WWW
    • Don't know the name of the charity? Avoid them. Also, look for mirror sites that look like known charities but are not.
    • Only legitimate organization or a group that has a proven record of delivering aid.
    • Do NOT donate to anyone calling claiming to be from a charity.
    • To find out who is legit use the Charity Navigator which lists reputable organizations. Great Nonprofits and Give Well has reviews of nonprofits so you can make an informed decision.

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