Not sure what happened to 1 and 2...

Perhaps those were just prototypes.

This thing was built to drive right under a tornado.

To do that they had to make it heavy enough, and aerodynamic enough.

Also armored with bulletproof glass.

Inside is a lot of equipment for taking readings.

This is not just about parking under a twister.

There is science going on here.

In the video below you'll see the overly enthusiastic crew chase and then manage to park directly under a twister as it passes over them.

This proves that THE DOMINATOR 3 can take it.

Let's take a walk around this tornado tank and the one that came before it.

These vehicles are built on the bodies of old SUVs.

No need to sacrifice something new and expensive.

Let's face it, the odds of this thing getting TRASHED are high.

Forget good gas mileage.

Once all that extra weight and all those heavy tornado-chasing friends are added in this thing is puttering down the road and using a lot of gas to do it.

Apparently, there are several trucks like this out there- all privately built.

These people have always loved chasing weather.

Now they have a chance to make money at it on YouTube and get famous at the same time.

That's just egging them on.

This sure beats the heck out of anything we saw in the movie TWISTER.

So far, to our knowledge, nobody has been hurt driving up to, or into, a tornado in one of these things.

So, let me ask you, would you trust yourself inside this, in a middle of a tornado?

Devils Tower As Seen From The Mother Ship

If you've see the movie (documentary) Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, then you know what it looked like to see "The Mother Ship" descending down to Devils Tower.

But what did it look like from the Mother Ship's point of view?

We don't have any actual photos from the Mother Ship

So we recreated the scene using Google Earth and one Nasa Photo.

Wyoming April Blizzard 2023

It was a record breaking snow storm.

Listeners to the Wake Up Wyoming Show with Glenn Woods offered up photos from across Wyoming of the piles of snow around their homes after a spring storm that lasted almost 3 days.

Its funny what snow does when it settles.

But then, after the laughter, comes the work of digging out.

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