While exploring today's news feeds I came across this title from The Wall Street Journal:  

‘Yellowstone’ Is a Huge Hit That Started With Small-Town Fans
Paramount Network’s cowboy soap opera caught on in smaller markets before hitting it big in major cities; now it is the start of an empire. (WSJ).

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According to WJS, Yellowstone was a big hit in small-town markets before it began to catch on in the big cities. The highest ratings began in the towns around the park, in Wyoming and Montana, where the story takes place.

That makes sense since the rural ranch life is well understood by people out here in the West and small-town folks like seeing their lifestyle represented on TV.

Yellowstone: Season 4 Trailer
Paramount Network via YouTube

Let's face it, most programs on TV and in movies portray people from small towns as a bunch of racist idiot stupid hicks. But Yellowstone has successful smart people along with some not so dumb average people.

Interest grew across the West as people out this way saw themselves portrayed more realistically.

Farmers and ranchers along with small-town people in general, across America, began to appreciate the program for its positive portrayal of their lifestyle.

Slowly, interest began to pick up in the bigger city markets. But once again the audience has been people who are either interested in or understand what life out West is really like, and people like it.

Based on the success of Yellowstone more shows like it is coming around.

Paramount Network via YouTube
Paramount Network via YouTube

“1883,” a “Yellowstone” prequel is now on your television listings. It is about a wagon train moving out west. The show has become the most-watched original series on the Paramount+ streaming service.

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