The Sportsmen Party Facebook page never lies or exaggerates. I mean, come on, when do fishermen or hunters ever do that?

That is how we know that the above photo, taken moments after the kill, is real.

Just look at that thing. That has to be the biggest jackalope head I have ever seen. 

But there is just one problem with this kill that we see posted on Facebook: the critter was caught out of season.

The jackalope hunting license, (yes that's a real thing) is available in Douglas Wyoming and is available on June 31st between sunrise and sunset. Here we are in the middle of September. That jackalope was poached.

Because the hunter was foolish enough to post this photo, he will not be able to take this head to a legitimate taxidermist. The head is so big and its markings are so distinct, there is no way the hunter won't be turned in. This head will probably end up in the guy's attic, not to be discovered until long after the old man dies and his grand kids are looking for what to put out at the estate sale.

In the good news department, we have just reached the end of snipe hunting season, and it was a good year.

Snipe hunting season runs Sept. 1 and runs through Dec. 16. The bag limit is eight and the possession limit is 24.

I'm sure Wyoming's Game Wardens are on this incident as a top priority. 

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