There are a few rare, big game animals that Wyoming hunters would love to hunt.

Well, that just got a little easier.

How does moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, bison, and grizzly bears sound to you?

Beginning July of this year hunters will have their chance.


The Wyoming Legislature passed House Enrolled Act 10 which gives Wyoming hunters something they have always dreamed of.

But it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Should you be lucky enough to get one of these tags, make the most of it. You'll never get to do it again.

Local Wyoming hunters will get 90% of the licenses and out-of-state hunters receiving 10%. That means Wyoming residents will have the most fun if they see it from the hunter's perspective.


The change will shift 31 moose licenses, 30 bighorn sheep licenses, 11 wild bison licenses, nine mountain goat licenses and six bison cow/calf licenses from nonresident to resident, according to the Legislative Service Office. Grizzly bears are currently an endangered species and cannot be hunted. However, the new big five rules would apply if the endangered species designation is ever lifted. (The Sheridan Press).

The bill was approved on a 45-11-4 vote in the House and a unanimous 30-0 vote in the Senate.

Grizzly Bear Portrait
JeannetteKatzir, ThinkStock Images

Going for that big dream animal does not mean that the state of Wyoming does not care if they are hunted out. This will actually reduce the number of tags and lose the state a bit of revenue on yearly hunting.

On the upside, it gives the Wyoming hunter, and a few from out of staters, that once in a lifetime dream hunt on big game.

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