Normally when I see something like this, I just tell everyone to move along. Nothing unusual to witness here. However, for some reason unknown to me, the internet is obsessed with a Yellowstone bison who has found himself the perfect itching post.

This special bison moment out of Yellowstone just got shared today and you might notice that it repeats a few times. Correction. It repeats FOREVER.

In case you missed it the 50 times it was included in the video, here's the self-conversation the lady is having with herself doing play-by-play on the bison itch session:

There we go...

You got a little scratching post.

Scratch that itch, buddy.

Good morning.

I love it when they find something to scratch on.

He's got an itch on his neck.

Good morning.

Wash, rinse and repeat.

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Even the bison must be asking himself at this point how little he has to do to entertain the Yellowstone visitors. Based on this viral video share, not very freaking much.

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