It's hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the attack that shook America and the world.

For those of us old enough to remember, we will never forget where we were and how we heard the news. We will never forget the sight of those towers coming down. Nor can we forget those brave passengers who brought their own plane down rather than letting the terrorists use it as a weapon. Those at the pentagon who never saw it coming.

Annual Tribute In Light Marks Anniversary Of Attacks On The World Trade Center's Twin Towers
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Our hearts go out to the brave first responders who did not think of themselves as they rushed to save anyone they could in the midst of the attack.

For a time - something amazing happened.

For a time America came together. Political party or ideology did not matter. There was a flag by every front door of every home, in most windows at apartment complexes. People wore pins of remembrance and unity.

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There is always that silver lining in any bad thing that happens. The silver lining I saw after the attack is that America came together, if just for a time.

September 11 Retrospective
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20 years later and we are once again a divided nation. We are polarized.

If I could remind us, as a nation, and bring back anything after two decades it would be that we remember we are a free people, which most of the world does not have. Despite our flaws, we have brought most of humanity into a better time of hope and prosperity. As a nation, we have a lot to be proud of.

I would like to remind the American people that, despite our disagreements, we are family. The American spirit is that of a people who are fiercely independent, free, individuals. Yet, at the same time, we look out for each other.

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Please take some time to thank a member of our armed forces for all they have and continue to do to keep us safe and free.

Please take some time to thank first responders of every sort for doing all they can to keep us safe at home.

Please take some time to make amends with those we disagree with, on any issue, because, after all, we are a nation where we are free to live and let live. That is the reason The United States Of America was formed in the fist place.

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