Winter is fighting to hang on as we near the end of March. The abrupt warmups and rapid cooldowns are the perfect recipe for fog -- a sneaky hazard for drivers on speedy highways.

Fog forms when the air is almost saturated, or the moment when it holds just about as much water vapor as it can. Saturation happens when the air cools down or more moisture is added to the air from surrounding areas. The conditions behind fog’s formation are found in abundance in early spring.

Click here for additional information on fog types, including formation and dissipation.

A fog settles over Casper; photos taken by Cale Fedore from Lookout Point
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Native plants that do well in Wyoming gardens

Consider the Indian Paintbrush. This and other regional wild-flowers. For one thing, they don’t require fertilizers and require fewer pesticides since they have natural resilience to garden pests in the region, in turn promoting beneficial populations like butterflies and hummingbirds. They also require less water because they’ve adapted to rely on rainwater.

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