No one was injured when the driver of a pickup unsuccessfully tried to avoid a wrong-turning Cadillac and crashed into a house in east-central Casper early Wednesday afternoon.

Cody Woodall of Fort Collins, Colorado, does oilfield work in the Casper area, he said.

Woodall said he was driving his 2010 King Ranch Ford 250 pickup westbound on East Second Street.

The driver of a white Cadillac turned left at the east exit -- where a sign explicitly says no left turn -- of the parking lot of the Hilltop shopping center, he said.

Woodall tried to avoid it, couldn't, hit it, and totaled it, he said.


"I tried to avoid everything, she just kept on coming," he said.

The driver walked away unhurt, Woodall said. Neither the Cadillac nor its driver could be located after the accident.

He then drove into the southeast corner of Mary James' house at East Second and Montana streets.

The house wasn't lucky, but she was.

"I was outside painting, I had my dogs out there with me, and I heard this crunch when it hit the car, I heard this errrrrrr, and I jumped off my ladder as the truck rammed itself into my house," James said.

Mary James. Tom Morton, Townsquare Media
Mary James. Tom Morton, Townsquare Media

She was not aware of any arrests, she said.

James' mother Thenda Grant said this was the fourth time a vehicle has hit the house.

They've wanted to place a large boulder on their corner of East Second and Montana streets, but Grant said the City of Casper would not permit that.

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