There aren't many people that would turn down a good ol' milkshake. They've been a part of eating out since fast food restaurants began in the early 1900's. In 1949, Dairy Queen became the first fast food option to serve a 'milkshake' after the machines were invented.

When I think milkshake, I think milk, ice cream, syrup, fruit, blend it together and boom, a cold refreshing, sweet treat.

I guess that's the old way of thinking.

These days you're not going to find real ice cream in shakes from some of your favorite fast food restaurants across Wyoming.

According to Eat This, Not That:

to be considered actual legitimate ice cream, the product must be at least 10% dairy milkfat, have a limited amount of air mixed into it during its freezing and churning process, and meet specific weight per volume standards. Beyond that, there's wide latitude as per what other ingredients can be used, including flavoring, stabilizers, colors, and more.

Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't scarf down a shake from any of these locations, I'm just saying you're not getting a traditional milkshake.

There are a couple that don't even use the term milkshake, they go with just 'shake' or 'frozen dessert' or that their shakes are made from 'soft serve'. Ice cream isn't even in the equation.

SO, it doesn't mean you're getting ripped off by a 'shake', it just means that standards and practices have changed enough since the early days of milkshakes, that you're getting a modern version.

McDonald's - Offers different flavors of 'shakes' and not 'milkshakes' because of the possibility of legal issues, they prefer to just call them shakes.

shake - mcdonalds
McDonald's Facebook

Wendy's - When the chain opened, they introduced the frosty. The frosty is considered a 'frozen dessert' because of the low amount of milkfat. You can still dip a fry in it and be happy.

Shake - Wendys
Wendy's Facebook

Dairy Queen - The originator of the fast food milkshake, doesn't even call them the milkshake anymore. The reason, just like the 2 above, their artificially flavored reduced fat ice cream, doesn't meet the definition of ice cream

shake - dq
Dairy Queen Facebook

Burger King - you're not going to find ice cream anywhere in BK. They use the phrase creamy vanilla soft serve in reference to their shakes..

shake - bk
Burger King Facebook

There are some chains that DO use real ice cream in their shakes.

Cold Stone Creamery

shakes - CSC
Cold Stone Creamer Facebook


attachment-shakes - sonic


attachment-shakes - arbys

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