Casper, Wyoming is no stranger to winter weather, with snow, wind and freezing temperatures being common most every year.

It's interesting to look at the Casper snow fall trends since they started keeping track around 1937. The numbers are rarely the same from year to year and go through periods where there's either little snow, or lots.

When you talk to people that grew up in the Casper area, you hear the phrase, "we don't have the snow like we did when I was a kid", quite often.

Looking at the records, if you grew up in Casper during the late 1970's and early 1980's, that's probably pretty true.

The snowiest times that Casper has ever had was from 1973 - 1985, with an average of 99.3 inches over that stretch. After that stretch, Casper didn't see over 100" of snow from 1986 until 107.6" fell in 2013.

1982 was the snowiest year on record with 137.6 inches of snow falling.

1975 had 123.9",

1984 was 121.3"

1973 saw 118"

Since 2010, it's been a pretty non-snowy time, with the average snowfall in Casper  about 81 inches. Over the last couple years, things have started to change back to more snowy time and more snow fallen with 108.3" in 2021 and 100.9".

If 2023 continues in the direction it's going, we could be looking at one of our snowiest years yet. We started the year out with snow and ended the month of January with snow for a total of 37". If we look back in history, the record for most snow in January is from 1949, when 39.3 inches fell. That year started out rough, but in the end only produced 97.5" total.

It's too early to predict whether or not we'll see much snow for the rest of the year, but I'd say most folks would be ok to not see much more.

Not only did the Casper area have snow, but like normal, we also had some wild winds that caused major drifting and issues all over the area. The snow removal professionals have been working really hard to make sure roads, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks are cleared off for safe travel. Even with the round the clock working, some folks around Casper got a lot of close family time and were snowed into their homes for multiple days.

Since most everyone carries a camera with them at all times, we asked to see what the current snow situation was where they were. Thankfully, they were able to safely snap pictures and videos of their snowy situations so we could see what they're dealing with.

We received some pictures and videos from people all over Central Wyoming. If you have pictures you'd like to share, send them to

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