There you are on a freeway, just stuck in traffic and minding your own business.

In your rear view mirror you see...

2 full size horses.

1 shetland pony. (A mini horse).

1 goat.

They are all running up the middle of the road as if they had just escaped prison and are rushing toward freedom.

Actually, that's probably what's going on here.

They really have no idea where they are going.

Maybe they just want to run until they think they got away, then they'll look for green grass and water.

There have been other cases of horses getting free and making a break for it down a highway.

A YouTube search shows several cases across the nation.

Yet, it's the unusual makeup of this crew that's getting everyone's attention.

The Shetland pony would have been enough.

But what was with the goat?

In some cases the only way to catch these animals, before they get hit by a car, is the call a local cowboy.

Imagine the discussion over the police radio:

"Can't seem to stop him - better call a redneck."

Yeah everybody makes fun of a country boy until something needs to be fixed, or until a horse, and maybe a goat, gets free and goes running down the interstate.

So far the above video of the four animals, including the goat, has been the only one being shared on social media.

Nothing has yet been posted as to what freeway that was and if the animals have been caught.

Thankfully we live during a time when everyone has a mobile device ready to capture video like this and they are able to post it in mear moments.

Without modern phones, we would miss so many interesting moments like this.

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