This log may not reflect all arrests for this time period.

For example, police will not release any information about juvenile arrests. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the defendant is arraigned in district court.

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Everyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are what the arresting agency has recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney's Office. However, formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of arrested people and their charges as reflected in the logs:

  • Kyle Cordes, 34 - Courtesy Hold
  • Crystal Williams, 45 - Possession of Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal, Compulsory Auto Insurance - 1st Offense, No Registration and Improper Display, Drive While License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked
  • Robert Roldan, 22 - Failure to Appear
  • Shane Phelps, 50 - Contract Hold
  • Shannon Gamble, 54 - Criminal Warrant
  • John Davis, 41 - Criminal Warrant
  • Jeremiah White, 34 - Domestic Battery: 1st Offense
  • Mohd Gafoor, 30 - Courtesy Hold
  • Kraig Chadwick, 57 - Criminal Warrant
  • Jonathan Blake, 63 - Property Damage - Injuring/Defacing/Destroy
  • Kevin Pino, 30 - Hold for CAC, Possession of Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal, Take Controlled Substance or Liquid Into Jail
  • Michael Widick, 30 - Criminal Warrant, Possession of Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal
  • April Malloy, 39 - Possession of Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal
  • Ashly Vasquez, 34 - Driving While License Suspended/Revoked, No Current Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Abigail Barnett, 26 - Property Damage - Injuring/Defacing/Destroy

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