Cheyenne ranks 96th and Casper 153rd in a new survey of the happiest towns in America by the financial website Wallethub.

Fremont, California was rated as the happiest city in the country in the survey, while Detroit came in dead last.

The survey rated towns based on emotional and physical well-being, income and employment rank, and community and environment.

Breakdown Of How Cheyenne And Casper Fared

Cheyenne netted a score of 52.63. that was just ahead of Worcester, Mass., and behind Columbia, South Carolina. Wyoming's capitol city did fairly well in the income and employment category, coming in 24th in the nation. But it was only 87th for physical and emotional well-being, and a devastating 164 for community and environment ranking. But at least it can't be said that Cheyenne residents are lazy. They ranked among the top cities for most hours worked, coming in at 177 with one being the lowest.

Casper fared even worse in terms of overall happiness. It was ranked 100th for income and employment rank, 168th for community and environment and 144th for emotional and physical well-being.

Far more disturbing was the fact that Casper tied with several other cities, including Rapid City, South Dakota, for having the highest suicide rate among cities surveyed.

Source: WalletHub


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