How many grilled cheese sandwiches do you eat in a year?

According to a new study, the average American eats 36 of those hot, gooey little buggers annually.

Sounds a bit high, but let's go with it.

That's enough grilled cheese sandwiches in a year to fill nearly 900 Olympic-sized swimming pools or cover 29,180 football fields.

This study was done state by state, asking adults. It probably would have been better to ask kids, but... okay.

53% were eaten due to cravings.

38% on rainy days, usually with tomato soup.

62% of those surveyed agree that grilled cheese is best made at home.

Everyone agreed that mom makes them best.

However, Mississippi prefers the sandwich at breakfast.

Kentucky likes them as an afternoon snack.

Most people in Wyoming like them best at dinner.

Oregon likes them as a late-night snack.

Butter is the preferred way to cook the sandwich, with the butter heavily spread on the bread before it goes into the pan. (70%).

Some nutjobs, who should be put in a padded room with a straight jacket, like mayonnaise over butter. WHAT THE HELL?

California, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia all prefer to butter just the inside of the sandwich. But those states are filled with phycos- so consider the source.

Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Utah all prefer to butter the inside and outside. Like normal people.

Here comes the real arguments.


Ham (38%). Bacon (35%).

Some people like tomato slices cooked in there. Rhode Island, more than any other state, preferred fresh tomatoes.

58% of states say that only cheese is the way to go.

States that prefer to only use cheese are Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wyoming

“We asked, and America answered: the right bread is crucial in making the best grilled cheese,” says spokesperson Ama Auwarter, Vice President of Bakery Marketing at Campbell Snacks, in a statement. “We couldn’t agree more. A bread that encapsulates that delicious, fresh-from-the-oven taste is bound to elevate every grilled cheese.”

Almost half of those surveyed said that the bread is the most important part of the sandwich.

Next, we get into a discussion of what kind of cheese is best.

The most popular sandwich by far is white bread, buttered on the outside, with American cheese.

Sourdough and wheat were mentioned but as distinct options.

Ever tried Swiss cheese on Jewish Rye? It's SO good.

How to cut the sandwich, or to cut it at all, is a debate that might cause fistfights.

Over half (52%) insist on a diagonal cut.

21% of people, who are classified as moderately insane, slice their sandwich vertically

10% of the population, who need psychological counseling and medication, cut their grilled cheese horizontally.

How can you tell if a grilled cheese was cut vertically or horizontally when served? One tastes like Psychopath.

I'm in that 17% who don’t cut their grilled cheese at all unless I have tomato soup to dip it into. Then it needs to be cut, and only diagonally, because that's how geometry works. You can't argue with the math and science on this one.

Four in 10 say they prefer thicker bread over thinner bread.

57% want a slightly crispy outside.

But that gets us into the level of toastiness.

No shock that weirdo states like California, New Mexico, and North Carolina prefer lightly toasted bread. I mean, are they even AMERICAN?

Florida, Maine, and Wyoming prefer their bread heavily toasted, as GOD intended it.

Colorado, Kentucky, and Oklahoma all prefer their bread thoroughly burnt. YUCK! 

After reviewing all the data it appears that only WYOMING knows how to make a proper grilled cheese sandwich.

Take that COLORDAO.

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