I'm sure you enjoyed last weekend's weather.

That was about as perfect as perfect can get for springtime in the Cowboy state.

But, no good day in weather goes unpunished.

Though, we do need the rain and maybe a little snow.

This is the time of year when Wyoming and other Western states get most of their moisture for the year. So let's not complain too much about this week's weather.

It will be hit-and-miss. But some moisture is coming your way no matter where you are.

Temperatures are going to drop everywhere.

Wind and snow in the high country is on the way.

Don Day's regional forecast is below.

Expect two major weather events this week.

You know what spring is like in Wyoming.

Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes.

It will get cooler and wetter as we go through the week, so don't expect a change all at once. This will be gradual.

Watch your weather app for changing conditions, but, as always, don't trust the forecast on those things.

There are several systems coming our way so the weather will be evolving.

Tree, Season, Winter, Springtime, Bare Tree

There is a possibility of a bigger storm beginning to brew.

But local meteorologists like Don Day of Day Weather aren't saying much about that yet.

It's Spring, so something is always brewing out there.

Forecasting the weather this far out is never an exact science. There are too many elements and they are always changing to make advanced predictions.

But there is enough out there brewing to Peak meteorologist interest this week.

Let's not complain about it.


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