Once again- those fluffy cows are NOT cute and pettable.

It's exhausting saying it.

This time the family is safe in their car.

The person in the back seat, who looks like a young boy, is leaning out to pet the cute 1-ton bison.

Yeah, that's right, a male bison can easily weigh 1-ton.

The bison seems to want a scratch under the chin, at first.

But then --- well, you better just watch the video to see what happens.

Did the kid get a black eye?

One of those horns could have put his eye out, or worse.

The important lesson here is that these animals might appear calm and approachable at first.

But they are anything but.

A big fella like this might throw his weight around in a split second, and that's a lot of weight to throw around.

Getting hit by a bison can be worse than getting hit by a car.

Unless somebody strapped horns to a car, then it might be just as bad.

Here is the same video, a different angle. Maybe slightly better quality.

Keep hands and face in the car.

Try to avoid driving close to these things whenever possible.

Fluffy cows are short-tempered, they also spook easily.

So one never knows when an attack might happen.

Can someone please get this story, and these videos, to our Wyoming tourists?

We put up many posts like this every summer.

But it never seems to do any good.

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