If you were to wager a guess what city was the healthiest in America, where would you pick?

It doesn't have to be a major city with skyscrapers.

Once again the website WalletHub does the worst possible job with a recent "study" they released.

They declared San Francisco to be the Healthiest city in America.

SAN FRANCISCO? The city that literally has poop and urine along with used drug needles on their streets? Have you seen their homeless population?

Apparently, WalletHub did not look into how polluted the city generally is, nor how dangerous it is to live in.

Casper Wyoming ranked 128.
Cheyenne Wyoming ranked 136.

So how the heck did WalledHub blow it this time?

Let's look at how they conducted this "study."

WalletHub crunched the numbers on more than 180 of the most populated U.S. cities. They evaluated each city using 41 key indicators of good health, which were grouped into four main categories: Health Care, Food, Fitness, and Green Space. (Study Finds).

Once again WalletHub is talking about places they have never been. So they really have NO idea what they are talking about.

They looked at ensuring access to nutritious food. Do you mean grocery stores? Both those cities in Wyoming have them along with farmer's markets.

Providing ample recreational facilities was next on the list. This is not a job of government and, for that matter, both cities in Wyoming are in the middle of - well - WYOMING! The entire state is a recreational facility.

They looked at "green spaces," provided.

Both of the Wyoming cities mentioned are surrounded by "green space."

IT'S WYOMING! They don't need "green space" in the city limits when they are surrounded by them.

Keeping healthcare costs affordable is also not the job of the government.

In fact, the less government involvement in healthcare the more affordable and better quality it is.

They looked at how many people are eating their fruits and veggies to the number of physically active adults.

How would they know if someone is actually eating fruits and veggies?

Also, Wyoming people tend to be very active because - well - if you have been to Wyoming, which apparently nobody from WalletHub has been, you would know that we love the outdoors.

This proves, once again, that you should never trust a "study" conducted by someone who never left their office cubical to do their research.

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