There are two billboards that have just been posted before Donald Trump's Caper Rally. One is defiantly from Liz Cheney. I'm not sure who posted the second one.

This first billboard that you see here is a bit wordy. Most people driving by will never read it all.

That's the thing about the majority of billboards out there. They can't actually be read by people driving by. They are far too busy, wordy, or just don't capture the eye.

But Liz Cheney wanted to make sure you know it is thereby posting it again on social media.

Here is how it appears on Facebook.

attachment-Liz Billboard 1

Can't be sure how this is supped to sway anyone to vote for her.

Two days before the Donald Trump 'Save America' Rally, in which the former president will appear on stage with the Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney has officially filed to run for re-election with the U.S. House of Representatives.

There is another billboard on the way into Casper that will be far more effective than this one. Though I have no idea if the Cheney campaign put it up or somebody else.

It is big, not so wordy, and is defiantly an attention getter.

attachment-Hegman Trump Billboard Casper

I asked Trump about this billboard when he called the show this past Wednesday. Does it bother him that Hageman actually said these things?

“When you go back to 2016, nobody knew me and at the time, she never met me and I never met her,” Trump said. “If I went by that standard, I could never endorse anybody,” said Trump.

You can hear his full comments and everything else we talked about in the video below.

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