Polls are garbage. They are constantly wrong for a long list of reasons. Yet at times a poll might actually tell us something if we look at it the right way.

Polls show that support for Liz Cheney has fallen to an all-time low. But her approval numbers are not zero. That means there are still quite a few people in Wyoming who like her and even agree with her.

Recently WyoFile posted an article titled "Cheney’s ouster mirrors battles within Wyoming’s GOP." Just the title alone reveals a big truth about the infighting in Wyoming's Republican party. It is the same infighting in the party on the national scale.

According to WyoFile, some in the Wyoming GOP "saw Cheney’s ouster as a reflection of similar party dynamics  in her home state, where many long-time members of the Wyoming Republican Party no longer feel they have a place in the populist movement Trump had inspired."

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Is someone a "RINO" just because they can't handle Trump's bombastic nature? Liz Cheney herself voted with Trump 97% of the time. So, does Cheney pushing the party to dump Trump mean she is not a conservative?

At the same time, there are members of the Wyoming GOP who are voting for things like Medicaid expansion, which is not something any true conservatives would support after seeing how damaging such a move would be for Wyoming and has been for other states. Medicaid expansion is in direct opposition to small government, free-market principles. Should these people be members of the GOP? They don't vote like it.

The Democrat party has moved so far left many more moderate Democrats have left it. The same can be said for the Republican party. Many members of today's GOP have been talking openly about starting a 3rd party or joining another, like the Constitution Party. 

Let's make this simple by splitting the GOP into 3 groups.

1). True RINOs who vote for liberal ideas and are in the wrong party.

2). True conservatives- but not fans of Trump.

3). True conservatives who are fans of Trump.

Only time will tell if the two big political parties that we have all grown up with will come to some sort of agreement or splinter into more parties.

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