Just to be clear, and set the record straight.

Not all Republicans are Donald Trump fans.

Some think that he has been bad for the conservative image and bad for the conservative movement in general.

Dubbed the “Principles First Summit,” it will be the meeting of the anti-Trump movement in the GOP. It will last from February 26 to February 27 and plans to build on the success of the summit from 2020.

“Principles First is excited to announce a two-day grassroots summit at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on February 26-27, 2022 focused on discussing and advancing a more principled politics in the United States,” the group said.

“We look forward to bringing together conservative and independent speakers, thought leaders, and grassroots activists for two days of panels, speeches, networking, and substantive discussion about the meaning of conservatism today and the future of our movement,” they added.

There is more than one group involved in Partners of Principles First. Some of them include The Bulwark, American Values Coalition, and Republican Accountability Project.

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“The strength of our republic depends upon the moral conviction of our elected officials,” the group declared. “If we don’t pick trustworthy people to lead us, they will bring the character of the country down with them. Unethical and immoral behavior can never become the norm.”

Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney will attend along with Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R), retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who testified he was attacked and called the N-word during the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Principles First founder Heath Mayo spoke with CBS News and referred to the weekend as the “counterprogramming of CPAC.”

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“We want to come together in a visual show of support for people who have taken stands for ideas when it hasn’t been comfortable,” Mayo told CBS.

“You don’t see those folks, yet, in rooms that are energized. But I think the energy is there. We’ll see how many folks show up,” he added.

Mayo even suggested that an anti-Trump candidate could run during the 2024 election, such as Liz Cheney or Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R).

“The party is completely stuck in a rut talking about if the last election is legitimate and if Liz Cheney, Hogan, or someone else is compelling and wants to run, I think a lot of people would listen,” Mayo told CBS.

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At last count Cheney had raised over $10 Million. Far more than is needed to win her seat in the least populated state in America. That has left others wonder what her real goals are.

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